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Supermoto XR 650R Tribute Colours to 1985 XR 600R


By now you know we love XR650R. We're taking a liquid cooled XR650R and restoring it with 1985 colours as a tribute to the Legacy... as a supermoto. Black motor, red frame, blue seat, blue fork covers, yellow side panels.

In the performance department: Hi-comp piston, jetted, FMF Powerbomb, Hotcam stage 2, Goldspeed 4 piston caliper with Goldspeed supermoto rotor and Magura master cylinder.

Choice of rims will be Excel 3.5 and 5.0 with RAD Equalizer Cush Drive rear hub and Eagle front.

Ok. We've got our bike. It's a 2000... the oldest of XR650R with still lots of ass kicking to hand out. In for tear down.

This is a low hour bike that's been ridden recreationally.

It is notoriously difficult to get the swingarm bolt that passes through the motor out on an XR650R. The bolt often corrodes and seizes in the bearing journal. To get it out, use liberal amounts of penetrating oil (WD). We used an airgun to spin the bolt before attempting to tap it out with a heavy hammer and a good punch. Be careful not to damage the bolt.

A dirty big red pig. On the bright side the engine is flawless, no leaks or seeps like 99% of the XR's that we see.

Introducing the Goldspeed 4 piston billet aluminum supermoto caliper. Manufactured for Goldspeed by Moto-Master. Chosen for its performance and looks... metallic gun metal rather than Moto-Master orange.

Goldspeed 320mm vented floating supermoto race rotor.

Fighting red frame with brand new gas tank. We're getting pretty excited to put this bad boy together.

The necessary parts to make your XR scream. 11.5:1 compression piston with stock bore making your XR650 more like an XR600. Stage 2 Hotcam with no automatic decompressor.

Look at that cylinder! It looks like it's brand new and it's 8 years old!


2000 XR 650R vs. 2005 KTM LC4 SMC supermoto

Intake valve: XR 650R. BIGGER.

Robust valve train

Dupli-Kote gloss black engine paint

Mock up FMF Powerbomb SS header with modified XR 650R subframe and 2 KTM LC4 SMC stock cans.

Introducing the "Master" at work fitting and fabricating

Reason for the twin pipes? Flow characteristics and muffling. This will be a city bike and will do most of its duty at night when everyone is sleeping. We don't want to wake them up. Not that they would see much anyways...

3.5 & 5.0" Excel rims, RAD Eagle front and Equalizer Cush rear with red nibbles

VSM hi-flow XR 650R intake. When you're done modifying your XR 650 with a stock air box, your bike will run a 180 main jet. With a VSM hi-flow intake, your bike will require a 230 main jet or Edelbrock pumper carb. Bigger jets = more power.

The cleanest wiring... period. VSM Legalizer Warness.

It's a celebration, bitches! The beast is wired.

OEM Pro-Link decal, new swingarm, VSM axle sliders, Goldspeed rear disc brake, Braking 2 pst rear caliper with DID Gold ER non-Oring chain and Goldspeed supermoto precut DOT/E4 slicks.

Extra capacity radiators with sweet looking blue silicone hoses... courtesy of Mike at Motoworld.

RWP at 51.8 but running lean... about 10 jet sizes too lean. Going to Edelbrock pumper carb..

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