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Why Supermoto Tires?

Motards are much lighter and attain greater lean angles than sport bikes. When it comes to top speed a supermoto is slower than the average sport bike. Therefore, motards require special supermoto tires. Besides who rides their R1 in the dirt?

The only thing similar between a motard tire and a super sport tire is the colour

The compounds used in supermoto tires are specific to the lighter weight and the operating temperature at slower speeds. You need your tires sticky at 20 km for tight hair pin turns found on kart tracks and round-abouts alike. Sport bikes need stability at 250 km so the compounds and profiles are much different.

Motard tires are stickier and steeper, have vertical sidewalls and tread patterns made to grab dirt 

The rounder profile in sport bike tires is used to provide greater contact patch vertically at high speeds for stability. A supermoto tire profile is more pointed to aid in transition from side to side. Sport bike tire profiles for the front is typically 120/60-17, whereas, supermoto tires are 120/80-17.

Pictured here: Michelin Power Race DOT 120/70-17 (left) and Goldspeed Supermoto DOT Precut slicks 120/80-17 (right). Image: courtesy of T-Bird

Your bike will behave very differently with a set of SM tires. Even the tires that come on a DRZ 400SM are not ideal and should be swapped out for SM tires at the first chance.The profile of the front tire has very much to do with how your bike turns.     

Compounds, profile, tread pattern, side wall shape and overhang, and operating speed

Why do we use Goldspeed/Maxxis Supermoto tires as our main choice?

Goldspeed racing products have been developed over the last 30 years beginning with Kart racing. Similarities between kart and supermoto racing make it a natural move into developing supermoto race tires. A deep understanding of high adhesion levels at lower speeds is the main focus of the engineers at Goldspeed. Today, Goldies are used by professional SM racers and hooligans alike throughout Europe.

Chain clearance: it’s lame when the chain takes chunks of the tire off. Supermoto tires have vertical side walls designed for clearance. You get a bigger tire with less of it sticking out. That’s why a 160/60-17 Goldspeed tire will fit a DRZ 4.5” rear rim with room to spare.

 Image: courtesy of 510Paul

FAQ - How many miles can I expect from my Goldspeed DOT Precut Supermoto tires?

This depends on your riding style, the weight of your bike (with your weight in consideration), tire pressures and the riding conditions (temperatures and other environmental factors such as type of roads you travel). So it’s hard to predict how many miles you’ll get. We can tell you that you’ll get many miles of smiles on your Goldies.

What tire pressure should I use with Goldspeed Supermoto Tires?

The Manufacturer's recommended cold pressures front and rear are 1.65 Bar or approx. 24 PSI. These should be adjusted to suit heavy bikes or riders, ambient temperatures, different track surfaces etc. Do not over-inflate these tires as this may result in adverse effects such as speed weaves and/or premature wear. Pressures in excess of 30PSI are not recommended under any circumstances.


Image: courtesy of Howard Takai  

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